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Volume IV

VOLUME IV. The latest release from Hammerslug. Featuring Mike Mi Jo on drums, John Tron on guitar, and Chris Slooter on bass. This album was recorded in Hammerslug's practice room at Audio Lab from 2006-2010. The album was mastered at Audio Lab Studios by Hammerslug and Josh. These are ten classic songs that Hammersrsug has performed over this period. Hammerslug performed in Tampa, St. Pete, New Port Richey, Largo and Clearwater several times during this era, sometime playing at two venues in one day. Since none of the live shows from this era included any songs from previous Hammerslug albums, this album represents the most recent era. This album contains less overdubs than the previous releases. Many of these songs were re-recorded over the years as the song changed over time prolonging the release of this album. Released 2010.

1 - Prototype, 2 - Into the fryer, 3 - Moonrock, 4 - Backwash, 5 - omeD nataS, 6 - Ghost Chowder, 7 - To and Fro, 8 - Spongeli, 9 - Tron Toe, 10 - Bottles and Clocks, Entire Album (zip)


SLIMEDOME. This album was recorded and mastered at Panda Studios in 2003. This album features the infamous Rob Rob on drums, John Tron on guitar, and Chris Slooter on bass. This album was an attempt to be a greatest hits album, as it features several songs from the two previous Hammerslug albums. The intent of the audio production for this album was to capture the minimal live sound (like the next album Volume IV) with the best of elements regarding overdubbing (previous album Bermuda Rectangle). A great effort was spent on the album artwork with the help of a professional album designer working out Hammerslug's concept. The front cover artwork displays every song title illustrated in a unique symbolic metaphor. There are many other hidden messages and codes encrypted in the rest of the artwork as well. Since the release, only one person has been able decrypt all of the messages without hints or assistance. Album Cover.

1 - Creepy Crawley, 2 - B Side, 3 - W.S.L.G. 4 - Ska-Fish Pie, 5 - Gar-Lik, 6 - Slime Dome, 7 - Big Hat, No Cattle, 8 - Chorus Mode, Entire Album (zip)

Bermuda Rectangle

BERMUDA RECTANGLE. Considered by many fans to be the favorite release from the band. All of the bass and drum tracks were recorded in Hammerslug's practice room in Audio Lab Studios from 2000-2002. All of the guitar tracks were recorded at John Tron's home studio. This album features the most overdubs of any Hammerslug release. All of the guitar tracks were overdubbed, yet there is a continuum in the sound (John Tron's first album with Hammerslug). Right after this album was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Audio Lab Studios the band decided to not release this album for printing/production. The intent was to do better, and the band thought recording in a better studio would make a better album (Slimedome). Yet the album lives in echoes of the stories from the last civilization. As time passes, the elders look back to that era and recollect back to a time when they were in the Bermuda Rectangle..... and they like it.

1 - B Side, 2 - Bermuda Rectangle, 3 - Smart Alek, 4 - Ate Up, 5 - Battery Acid, 6 - Chico, 7 - Mr. S, 8 - Suite 15, 9 - Garlick, 10 - The Burning Seed, 11 - Goat Roper, 12 - Enemy Salt, 13 - Chorus Mode, Entire Album (zip)

Send our remains to Broadway

SEND OUR REMAINS TO BROADWAY. The first official instrumental release by Hammerslug although demos had been previously released. Featuring only two members: 'Rob Rock' Soltis on drums, and "Chris Slooter" on bass, guitar, keys, and whatever else was laying around. This album was released in 1998. On the inside of every single CD cover was an individual autograph signed by both Rob and Chris before being sent over to the packaging factory. This album captures an explosive project formation at it's beginning. Recorded entirely on a cassette 4-track, this moment in time still sounds inspired many years later. The last three tracks of the album are the first three chapters of a musical novel named "The Wormhole". This musical is incomplete. It will continue. Enjoy the the first three chapters for now, as a 2012 release for chapter IV and chapter V is to be conspired...

1 - W.S.L.G. 2- Slug Hunt, 3 - Creepy Crawly, 4 - Death Rat, 5 - Schizoid, 6 - Florida Mountains, 7 - Banana Sled-Foot, 8 - The Wormhole Chapter I (the Opening), 9 - The Wormhole Chapter II (Never Forget), 10 - The Wormhole Chapter III (if you will..), Entire Album (zip)